Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"That's not your dog. Stop this nonsense."

The best days are when my life gets to Overlap with really great people. I was talking to my friend Megan today about how while our jobs and careers are important, it's the rest of the stuff that fills your life that can really make it wonderful. Today was packed with great things.

I visited FCA before school for the first time this morning. It's sponsored by one of my teacher friends Brandi and run by a group of HS students including Hannah Wallen, Keziah, Jake and Will. They're phenomenal and I'm so impressed that they took this on for the year. 

At the start of class today we watched Street Compliments and then wrote compliment notes to people for 10 Minute Write. I have my students deliver their notes in a sneaky way so the recipient will find it later on. I was out putting my notes in kids' lockers and was happily surprised I found one left behind on my desk for me. 

It's homecoming week around here and this year the Clubhouse is following the same theme days as the HS. Today for Hawaiian/Tourist Day I went all out and basically wore what I'd wear on a normal day at summer camp plus the Hawaiian shirt. I love the times when I get to run into Emily Babb in the hallway because her enthusiasm and positivity is contagious. 

After school I got to hang with Megan Cook. Sometimes we both can't believe that the other person wants to be friends with us. We're both kind of crazy and we usually agree about the stuff that really matters and we just get each other. As a counselor, teacher and YL leader I get to engage with kids all the time and hear their stories. Something special about Cookie is that she always asks about my life and my story and wants to really get to know me. I can't wait to be at Tecumseh with her next week.

Molly Brunner has always been my kind of music person so when she told me to listen to Broken Arrows by Avicci I knew it was going to be good. She was so right. I might have had a little dance party in my classroom at the end of  my prep period. You can expect this song to be added to my regular playlist.

The Clubhouse volleyball team played at home tonight for the last time this season. I love supporting these girls and wouldn't miss it. Lucky me, I got to sit in the stands with Caroline Shumaker who I haven't seen in far too long. Claire is a manager for the team and one of my current 7th graders. This sister pair is pretty phenomenal and I love their creative, kind, optimistic, humble hearts.

Finally I ended up at the HS for the Varsity's show down against Delta. The game was intense and it was the first match of the season I've watched that went to 5 games. Not only did I get to sit by all my Freshmen YL girls, but I hung out with Julia, Katy P and Hope the whole time. These girls have been main characters of my life for five or six years now and I just love them. They're adventurous and nuts and they steal my popcorn and they're full of so much potential.

I hope that how ever you're spending your days you're making sure you overlap with people you love. Today is worth celebrating, showing up is worth it and taking care of your home team matters.

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