Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Wow--look at Taylor just bringing people together like this." Taylor Swift 1989

Nearly a year ago, Taylor Swift's CD 1989 was released shortly followed by the announcement of her 1989 Tour. The day tickets were available online I was in a whirlwind of frantic clicking and typing to try to get tickets to see TSwift in Chicago with 5 other counselor friends while Janelle Dewolf was working on getting tickets to see her in Indianapolis with her daughters Julia, Lucy and me. Today, that Indianapolis show finally arrived. 

I went to dinner before the show with Todd and Maddie Halkyard, Cecilia and Line. They went to the show too but we knew we probably wouldn't see each other in the arena. Plenty of dinner conversation about TSwift, possible surprise guests and our first concerts.

I couldn't believe it when I got a ticket from Mr. Jedi Brown himself, "Omg!!! T swift is happening ;) have fun tonight." He's one of the directors for Camp T and now I'm really convinced of his love for Taylor.

Hools and I love patriotism and Taylor so we were pretty confident with our sign and outfits for tonight--Lucy and Janelle joined in with us too. While we were taking pictures on the steps I heard someone yell my name and realized Abby Bien was driving by with her mom and brother, trying to find a place to park. 

The goal of the night was to get picked for Loft 89 where you get to meet Taylor after the show. That didn't quite happen, but the theme did help Julia and I both get our greatest Insta records of all time so at least we've got that going for us. You also better believe that Julia and I sung at the top of our lungs, danced to every single song and never stopped moving our feet (because of Taylor and FitBit of course). 

In an attempt to get ourselves seen for Loft 89 we waited in line for Taylor Nation--you get your picture on the Taylor Swift website and could possibly get seat up grades or picked for Loft 89 tickets. 

The very best part was that we randomly ended up in line right behind this amazing trio. Mary VanSpankeran was a CILT back in 2010 and I LOVED being one of her counselors. Then she went to IU and became friends with Annamarie King. One day Mary was wearing an FBC sweatshirt that she had gotten from me and Annamarie asked her how she got it because FBC is from HSE--the school system where Annamarie graduated. They made the Sarah Wright connection and realized that Annamarie was also a Camp T counselor for the HSE field trip that I help run. Annamarie got to go to one of the Taylor Swift Secret Session's last year before 1989's release and we've been in touch for months now talking about Taylor. They brought their roommate Katie Gray who is so sweet and fun and was at Taylor Swift for her very first time. Such a small world.

I love running into people and it's just as likely to happen at a Taylor Swift concert as it is anywhere else in the world. I love Natalie Birr, a Warrior from this summer, and how much she loves camp. I ran into old counselors Mary Brody, Kristyn Burke and Lesem. As we were walking up to our seats I heard, "MISS WRIGHT! MISS WRIGHT!" and saw two 8th graders Payton and Mayson. Ale, Thalia and their mom were just a few rows in front of us. I saw Teia multiple times in the hall and then one of my students was in the parking garage with her mom when we left at the end of the night. There were dozens more friends in the audience that we didn't get to see but it's still really fun thinking that we were all there together.

Taylor Swift concerts are the best. From start to finish, it's two hours of amazing music, phenomenal dancing, creative set design, new arrangements and mash-ups, wise monologues, funny videos and just everything you've ever wanted in a show. I actually teared up when she first came out-- I really, really love Taylor Swift.

One of the coolest parts of this tour is that Taylor has had special guests at almost every stop. Ranging from Avril Lavigne to Ellen Degeneres, Phoebe from Friends to Beyonce,  Justin Timberlake to Selena Gomez, you just never know who might show up. In Chicago this summer we were surprised with Andy Grammar and I was so excited to sing along to every word of Honey I'm Good. We'd been crossing our fingers, hoping that Indy would have a special guest and that it would be someone we really loved. Lucky us, we got the Band Perry and they sang If I Die Young. It's one of my favs and will forever remind me of a CILT graduation song that Smooney and I memorized and sang for a whole summer.

When Taylor, or videos of friends, talk between songs it's one of my favorite parts. I tried to write down some sound bites through out the night.

While looking out at the crowd and people's posters, "Yes, we have lot of arts and crafts tonight. You must have glitter all over your houses. It was so worth it. You all look beautiful."

"We have in our midst, what I think is one of the greatest authors of this generation--John Green." You just know the most epic shout out of his life has to end up in one of his vlogs.

Taylor loves her cats Dr. Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. One of her friends talking about her obsession, "I'm surprised that when she walks down the street that stray cats done come towards her. She's like the patron saint of cats."

"We've got an epic group of friends. We're like super heroes. Squad! Squad! Squad! It's about being there for each other. It's about telling the truth. It's about helping each other get revenge... Just kidding."

"I think old friends and new friends are each just as valuable. As long as someone is trustworthy and nice to you and doesn't say mean things about you behind your back then they are worth your time. They can be such an important person in your life no matter how long they've been a part of it."

"The thing about happiness is when we're little we're not told how fleeting it is to be blissfully happy. So if you're happy tonight, then that's worth it, that means so much to me."

Best school night ever.

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