Monday, September 21, 2015

"In one of my classes today we were learning about the Geubsi tribe that has an extremely loyal and close kinit community that all meets at the Longhouse! The Longhouse is literally the one spot in the community that they gather to talk, socialize and laugh. How perfect is that?"

I opened my mailbox today and found a package from HAPPY MAIL by A Beautiful Mess with no information about who had sent it to me. They envelope says, "We're bringing thoughtful back," and you better believe it was stuffed with cards and post it notes and stickers and coffee collars. SO MUCH FUN INSIDE. But who the hobb sent it?!

I sent out texts to a couple possibilities and a few hours later I got an email from my sister, solving the mystery.

I was thinking, "What should I do for Sarah???" because you are SO SPECTACULAR at gift giving and encouraging in tangible ways. So, you are now the proud recipient of "Happy Mail," a monthly subscription where you will get a collection of paper goodies every month for a year. I hope you end up loving it :)

I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Easily one of the best gifts ever.

Varsity girls across the midwest are still getting their shirts in the mail-- such joy from Lexie, Erin Williams and Erin Dickett.

Tonight I got to cheer on the 7th and 8th grade volleyball girls at the Clubhouse. Highlights of the game would be the crazy rallies, sitting with Julia and her old neighbors, becoming best friends with a kindergartner, 2nd grader and 3rd grader in about two minutes, sitting with Lisa Washburn and then talking with the 8th graders after their win. I love getting to be here for girls like Avery, Olivia, Natalie, Cameron and Aubrey.

Today the question on my white board is, "If you could have one super power would you pick?" You'd expect the predictable, "Fly, be invisible, read minds..." but these are some of my favorites:

1. To not feel emotional pain
2. To be able to change other people's minds
3. Stop time so I can watch Grey's Anatomy
4. Make corn flakes out of thin air
5. Eat steak fast

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