Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Nothing good happens at this time of night. I like to be in bed. Cozily. With my face washed."

Maddie has been my neighbor across the parking lot for the last year and a half. I love her and I love her family and I will miss seeing them so often. I will really miss carpooling with Maddie, going on walks, having her show up at my door announced and talking in the car when I drive her home from YL events. She's a gem. Friday they moved into the new house they've been building. I love unpacking and organizing--two of my favorite things in the world-- so of course I volunteered to help. Maddie and I finished her whole room, picked up the rest of her clothes from the apartment, ate dinner with the fam, flattened boxes and unwrapped glasses and plates and platters. 

Meg showed up to surprise Maddie and see the new house. They became friends when we all did Work Crew together and I love that they just think the other person is hilarious. Cookie planned on a quick visit but ended up just hanging out with us the rest of the night.

Eventually our BFF Han, home from Bama, showed up to be Maddie's second surprise guest of the night. Han loves Maddie too and wanted to see their new house. It was like so many of my worlds were colliding as I got to hang out with these three friends at once. Han, Megan and Maddie are three of my favorite people and they make my life so much richer.

Saturday I drove to Nashville, IN (just outside of Bloomington) for a wedding shower of my dear friend Rachel Ardery. We've been friends since she first started working at Tecumseh back in 2007 and has been so important ever since. She's getting married in December and I'm so excited for her.

A whole collection of Rachel's friends and family made the drive to celebrate her today. I was thrilled to see her mom Patty Ardery and Karen Glanders-- two women I deeply admire. I loved being reunited with a crowd of old camp friends Grace, Dani, Rach, Mary, Paige and Emily. It was so good to sit and laugh and talk and catch up.

The HS Volleyball girls have been in the thick of tournament season an I've been trying to get to every game I can. While I was at the shower they won their first Semi-State match against Crown Point in a close five games. I got in the car and drove just over 3 hours north to make it to their next Semi-State game at 7pm. I sat in the stands with Julia as we screamed and cheered and ate ice cream sandwiches that tasted like Trading Post time at Tecumseh.

Unfortunately our girls lost at the end of the 4th game and it was just so, so sad. We love Carol, Olivia, Kenzie, Kegley, Anne and the rest of the girls and have been rooting and cheering for them for months. I love the way they work together as a team, how they encourage each other and never give up. They played so well and should be so proud of themselves. 

Haleigh Devoe's birthday is on Halloween but her family had a birthday open house for her at the Barn on Sunday. I invited all of the girls from Spinnaker, our Wyld Life cabin, to come too and so many of them showed up. Haleigh has been with me in HSE Young Life since day 1. We make quite a dream team together whether we're at camp or club or these days in the classroom. I'm such a fan of her and so thankful for her heart and adventure. 

Sunday night I reunited with Hannah and Maggie from Session 2 for pizza. We talked about Day Camp applications and college dreams and fears. This pair is so sweet and I loved ending my weekend with them.

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