Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Boys are so dumb. I love them though."

This was a weekend of the very best things-- friends, food and adventure. 

Right after school, we road-tripped to Bloomington for my birthday weekend trip. Thanks to Mel's recommendation, we ate dinner at The Farm. We tried their famous garlic fries and got a super fancy and delicious pepperoni pizza.

Next we went to the IU Opera to see Rodelinda with Justin's friends Rick and Kathy-- my favorite parts were the costumes and the orchestra. So much talent on one stage.

Saturday was a grand tour of Bloomington-- Bloomingfoods, walking around campus and downtown, a hike at Griffey Lake and brunch at The Runcible Spoon. Justin gave me the royal treatment. 

Saturday night was for YL and the 'Cers. At dinner, Cass, Erin, Samone, Maddie, Wash and I decided we were going to need a little extra jolt of energy. Soooooo we all got some Red Bulls, chugged them and smashed the cans. Cassidy won the race by a landslide and I only spit out a little bit from laughing too hard.

All of IN and KY Young Life comes together on this night at Banker's Life Fieldhouse for the Pacers game. We've all got seats up in the highest level-- go sports! It might surprise you, but most of my attention, all of my attention, during the game was spent talking to my pals.

The best part of the game is getting to see friends from different YL areas-- like all the Camp Tecumseh girls who were in attendance tonight.

Can you figure out the mutual connection in this picture Camp T people?

The other best part of the night is getting to see YL leader friends like Smelko, Mary Ellen and Allison from different areas.

Once the game was over, all of YL took over the bottom level for Club. They threw out t-shirts from different areas, blew rolls of toilet paper with leaf blowers, threw out giant frisbees, got kids to compete in giant hamster balls and led us in music. It was amazing.

Emily Welz delivered the best Club Talk I've ever heard at a YL Pacers Night. It's hard to speak to this large of an audience, but Emily's message was relatable, timely and captivating. "The reality is that everyone has a seat at the table with Jesus. Nothing can take away your seat. We all belong. That's how He made it." 

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