Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"I might get a fairy tale and anime tattoo when I'm older."

Tuesday night after a whole day of NO SCHOOL I got to hang with Maddie, Cass and Erin. This trio had been playing all weekend long so I was happy to finally join the party. Maddie drove us in the Jeep, we devoured some pizza and I spontaneously decided to get a hair cut.

Wednesday morning started early with Cass and Erin for our Wilderness girl bible study. These two have been so consistent the whole school year. I'm real proud of them and their hearts to know Jesus more and more. 

"Hey Miss Wright, we practiced taking some depth effect pictures on your phone."

After school I got to face time with Kayla Bacon and it made me so happy. She was working on a project on the porch of Kampen and I loved getting to see a bit of Tecumseh as we brainstormed together. I'm so thankful for a friend like Kayla who is all about being inclusive, embracing creativity and spreading enthusiasm.

I'm in this new routine of making three bracelets of each pattern at a time. Today I posted all these trios and asked people to name some of their favorite sets of three.

Will Smith, Carlton, DJ Jazzy Jeff
Mo, Jo, Yoda
KCraig, Johnna, Sarah
Espresso, steamed milk, cool mug
The Jonas Brothers
Glowsticks, campfire, Davey
Windows down, laundry done, House Party
Comfort Colors long sleeve, Nike shorts, Chacos
Hopi, Abnaki, Choctaw
Emma, Audrey, Ellyn
3 Sessions of CILTs
Harry, Ron, Hermione
Red, white, blue
Burrito bowl, side of chips, best pal

Tonight's Campaigners was all about friendship-- how we believe lies about distrust, division or denial, and how Jesus taught us about what friendship is meant to look like. We all shared things that our friends have done or said that make us feel loved and the things they've done or said that have hurt us in the past. When we share things like that I think we all realize that we're really more alike than we realize.

Friends are forever an important part of life and I think we'll never stop learning how to be a better friend to the people we care about most. My prayer for these girls is that they'll be surrounded by friends who will encourage, support and love them well. I pray that they'll be friends are quick to forgive, who always listen, who encourage character, people who point each other to Christ and are slow to anger. I see Christ in each of them and such huge potential. I'm so lucky and so proud to call each of them my friend.

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