Sunday, February 5, 2017

"Whenever I come to camp to visit you there's always a gang of boys sitting in front of us. They sure goof off the whole time but next thing you know they have their arms around each other swaying. And they leave so quietly. I'll never know how you get them so quiet!"

When she works on papers, Ellie girl turns around and uses my desk as her desk. She stays focused the whole time and it's just about the most precious thing. 

I drove up to MI to spend the weekend with Bethie and Katie, my mom and sister, have a pre-birthday celebration. We went to the IF: Gathering together, which gets a post of it's own, celebrated with all my favorite things and just got to hang for a few days.

The conference was in a middle school and I laughed every time I walked by these signs on a locker. I think the Clubhouse needs some signs like this too. Can FBC be a non-ball sport? 

While we were in Grand Rapids we went to lunch at one of Shauna Niequist's favorites, The Green Well.  We'd been there once before, but the food was phenomenal this time. I will be dreaming of our brussel sprouts app for days.

We stumbled upon one of the best card stores I've ever visited. I walked out with too many cards, but I already know who they'll be mailed to.

Sunday before church I got to be part of the McDonald's breakfast with Red, Linc, Kate and Nick. I gave a dime to Red, because money is his favorite, and he quickly donated it to the Children's Hospital donation box. Then this kid impressed me with his songs reciting the days of the week AND the months of the year.

Brookie pointed out Friday, "Miss Wright, you haven't posted a bracelet pic in a long time." I told her I'd get right on that. I sure love organizing, friendship bracelets are no exception.

Did you hear the Super Bowl was on Sunday night? The most impressive part of the whole night had to be Lady Gaga and her back up dancers. I got to hang out with my girl Mall at the Craig house...

and watch Mall and Alex "cover" their ears when KCraig told secrets. These are my kind of people and my kind of party.

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