Wednesday, February 15, 2017

"I'm the only one here and I feel weird. I also had to make up a license plate number cause my mom told me to."

What's more fun than a room full of trampolines?!

A room full of Wyld Life kids and leaders jumping on trampolines. Tonight we took things to the next level. Instead of Campaigners or Club, we broke the mold, pulled on our jumping socks, and went crazy at Sky Zone. 

Did you know there is such a thing as a Hurricane Tunnel? Me neither. I also learned that the foam pit is the ideal place to hang out. 

Johnna and Brad have got mad hops-- but for real, we're so thankful for them. It was been a HUGE blessing to have Johnna and Brad as Wyld Life leaders this year as their entire family pours into this ministry and community.

The beauty of tonight was that we just got to hang out. Different Junior Highs, HS leaders, adults, siblings-- everybody's in. Living life together with no agenda is one of the very best things.

My high of the day was getting to jump around and be silly with my girls Emily and Katie from the Clubhouse. I'm so thankful that my teaching life and Wyld Life get to overlap so regularly.

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