Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"I woke up and my nose was whistling and I thought-- I miss Sarah Wright!"

I got this reminder in my mailbox from the one and only Rachel Kent today. When we look for it there are so many good things around us... Ava playing a concert in her dorm room via Instagram live, laughing with Max and KCraig, sharing the ways YL has impacted lives, the joy I find in cleaning up, stories from 7th graders who pop in my room.

Once upon a time, when the world was extra magical, I got to spend a summer of CILTs with two of my very best friends-- Arie and Smoon. They became best friends too and the rest is history. 

I'm so excited for another summer of magic at Tecumseh that's only four months away. The magic of kids becoming a family in a matter of days, the way the light shines through the trees in the Green Cathedral, the community that's formed when everyone buys into the culture, the standing ovations at closing campfire, the fireflies in Main Field at night, the power of presence when technology is removed, the art of listening, laughter every single day. The best is yet to come.

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