Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Miss Wright, I have to be a car rider tomorrow instead of riding the bus so I can bring your present."

6th graders came over to tour the Clubhouse this morning and I had my fingers crossed that I would get to see my marble-maze-loving, pajama-pant-wearing, violin-playing, smile-shining girl Morgan as the small groups walked around. Lucky for us, she was the VERY FIRST KID to walk through my door. She sprinted across the room to give me the best hug. 

It was project day in room 107-- Board Games for the kids and all kinds of fun things for me-- I love days when I get to be all kinds of productive. 

And when I have lots of visitors during passing period...

I had a "meeting" after school with Smelko to talk about the Human Barometer. Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about a good time. The HB was one of my favorite additions to CILTs 2016 and Smelko is going to use the activity with Wilderness guides in their training next month. We just got to brainstorm and dream and talk about ideas and it was the coolest. PLUS we saw our pal Jesse at Culver's for their infamous corn dogs and then walked outside into a snow globe.

Meeting #2 was with the DC chaperones because we leave in a week and a half. There are all kinds of fun additions and changes to the itinerary and I'm pumped. This is my fifth year chaperoning the trip and we're doing multiple things that I haven't seen yet.

Meeting #3 took me back to the Clubhouse for 6th grade parent night. I got to spend most of the evening representing FBC in the library with the rest of the clubs. While Grace and Ellie talked Run Club, Katie gave tours, and Brooke, Brynn and Claire made bracelets with me. Nothing like a school party.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pumped. Dear friends have been secretly planning capers and sending letters and plotting shenanigans. But the truth is that just knowing people thought about me in advance and wanted to make sure I'd feel loved and celebrated means the most. I've got some really incredible people on my team, in every circle of my life. Bring it on 30.

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