Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Well, there was Evan in 7th grade at the Valentine's Day dance."

 Hey, neighbor.

Valentine's Day was full of all kinds of love my friends...
12-year-olds in Valentine's t-shirts
Valentine notes and cards from my students
A friendship bracelet race with my girl Jenna Jenkins
Pizza calzones for lunch
Galentine's posts and texts

I finished a meeting during my prep period in the morning and had to stop by the office. Well, well, well. I turned the corner to the front office and Justin was standing by the front desk. He showed up to deliver a friendship bracelet inspired bouquet of flowers. He wanted to sneak in to leave them but my friends in the office made him stay to see me.  He just happened to be there during my off period so I got to show him my classroom and a little bit of the Clubhouse. 

More things to love this Valentine's Day...
Gorgeous weather and getting to be outside
Chipotle, my favorite, for dinner with Justin
SMELKO just happened to show up and joined us for dinner
Handwritten letters
Minglet confetti

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