Thursday, February 16, 2017

"Do we like that? Do we really? Are we sure?"

It's almost Washington DC time!!! Richter and I are so pumped we broke out our fav shirts from Joe's Souvenirs for school today. For the first time ever-- this year we'll visit the National Cathedral, American Indian Museum and African American Museum. So much anticipation!!!

Kids like Katie have been busy working on their packing lists for our three day adventure. You just don't want to leave anything at home. This year we're extremely lucky because it's going to be the most glorious weather we've ever had on this weekend. We're forgetting the hats and gloves and breaking out the t-shirts. 

This afternoon we partied at the Staff v Student basketball game to kick off our Pennies for Patients Campaign. In an unprecedented move, the staff totally demolished the 8th grade team. Meanwhile, Jess totally demolished this can of pineapple chunks before her big game. 

We all came back to school later tonight for the student/parent DC meeting. Everyone got their lanyards, yellow bandannas and bus rosters. We're so ready.

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