Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"Passing period is an extroverts dream and an introverts nightmare."

I love being part of conversations that matter. It's so easy to go through our days talking about surface stuff, or other people, or complaining. Sometimes the best kind of conversations happen organically, but sometimes we can seize the opportunity to be intentional about them.

I used to think you couldn't force a deep conversation to happen, but then I met Taylor, Dom, Allison and Susan. Years ago, they were my first Carmel YL girls and they would say, "Ok, let's talk about deep stuff," and then they would really do it. I was shocked-- I had never seen teenage girls mutually agree to do that before. They showed me that not only can you plan these conversations but that everyone genuinely wants to be part of them.

Tonight KCraig had us start off Campaigners by talking about things that matter. Here are some of her prompts that I'm still thinking about:

Social Media: What are your pros and cons of social media? Does it tempt you to compare yourself to other people? Do you think what people post on social media is a true representation of who they are? How does social media add or subtract value from your life?

Included and Accepted: Have you known friends who make everyone around them feel included and accepted? Are you like that? How can we become more like that?

Appearance: Do you know anyone who struggles with their appearance? What do these false perceptions lead people to do? Where do you struggle?

Belonging: Jen Hatmaker writes, "We are not invited to sit at a small table, friends. The table is big. There is room for you at it exactly as you are. You do not have to shove someone else out of their seat so you can occupy their space; you don't even have to share a chair. You get your own seat at the table and it is mercifully wide, because God has created us all so uniquely." What do you think of this analogy? What 'tables' are you part of or do you want to join? Who could you invite to come and join you?

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"Shouldn't your main insta be the finsta because it's where you're being fake?"

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