Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Are Anne of Green Gables and the girl who had to hide in the attic the same thing? Oh yeah, Anne Frank. Like, are they the same person?"

Early mornings with these gals-- my favorite part of Wednesdays. Only one more week with these Seniors but then Cass and I will just keep holding down the fort next year. Perhaps some more friends will join us too. 

Tonight I got to dream, plan and strategize with Rachel, KCraig and Johnna about our Wyld Life ministry. As this year winds down, we're already thinking about what it looks like for our new class of leaders. There's a call out meeting for interested Sophomores in just over a week and we can't wait to tell them about why stepping up to be a Wyld Life leader is such a life-giving opportunity. 

Inspired by those old Tiger Beat flow chart quizzes, I created this one that we'll hand out at our meeting. We want kids to know that staying in Young Life is an awesome option-- not everyone is meant to be a Wyld Life leader-- and that's totally ok. Joining this team comes with some awesome responsibilities to be discipled, grow in community and have a heck of a good time.

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