Thursday, May 4, 2017

"If you get the bigger tuna kit, it comes with a breath mint."

There are only 16 school days left till summer break begins. Today I asked, "What do you want to do in the next 3.5 weeks?"

Read more books and do less class work!
Figure out how I'm going to survive a summer without camp
Go to Niagra Falls!!!!!!!
Go on a picnic
Learn what responsibility looks like!
Take a walk with my dog
Not fail my finals
Learn a way to avoid all tests or ace them
Still haven't learned how to make a friendship bracelet. That.
Stress less
See you
Smile more
GET AN A IN ECON! I am so determined man oh man watch OUT
Meet a new friend
walk across a stage without tripping!!!
eat a good quality avocado

Weirdest thing Rachel did during Camp T interviews today: whip out a tuna fish kit, mix up the ingredients and eat it on crackers
Best thing I saw on Twitter today: Ellyn's dream date

Day 3 of Camp T Interviews finished tonight-- Richter, Kennedy and I are pumped about our new counselors who will join the Clubhouse team. Then Cass and Erin invited me to come meet up with them for queso-- I love hanging out with this pair.

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