Thursday, May 11, 2017

"I know we'll get the kinks worked out in to time. Just send me your postal address and I'll get a couple cards good for a free burrito to you soon!"

 FISHERS NOW HAS A CHIPOTLE BY HTC! I've been waiting for this day for years. Prayers are answered. Dreams come true. Now if they would just get a little bit quicker things will be perfect.

This is so important. KCraig wrote a killer post this week about integrity and character. Integrity is usually not easy but it's always worth it. 

The HSE HS choirs killed it tonight. Johnna and I leaned over and whispered, "This is SO good," all night long. As a YL leader and Junior High teacher, I knew about 85% of the kids up on that stage which makes it that much more entertaining. These kids are phenomenal.

One of my recent Instagram account obsessions is @thegraygang. This mom is pretty phenomenal and I love seeing posts of her family every day-- especially the ones of Odessa dancing after school. Today she wrote about the ways that she's trying to foster friendship between her kids... interesting stuff here to think about.

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