Monday, May 8, 2017

"HE KNOWS WHO I AM! Our relationships is so close I can taste it!"

Even when things aren't going your way, there are still so many good things to be thankful for if you just look for them. Practicing gratefulness and positivity is something I always want to be at the forefront of my mind.

Today I'm so thankful for...

Monday mornings that start with 8th grade girls and surprise bagels
KCraig's working lunch dates and her "research" with my 7th graders about what qualities they are looking for in a boyfriend/girlfriend (the top of their list: nice/kind, funny, good lucking/hot, height, respectful)

A new book from the library
Checking errands off my to-do list
Showing up at the barn to a room full of leaders who are really extraordinary people

Hugs from HS kids as they arrive
Singing outside in-front of the Barn
Ryan's new glamour shots for his next album

A whole gang of HSE YL alumni who are back from college for the summer

Siblings, friends and leaders who are all in this together

Getting to hang out with this group of girls who are so important to me

Kids answers to the questions, "What do you wish people knew about God? What do you wish people knew about Young Life?"

About God...
He's always there with you no matter what you're going through.
He forgives everyone.
His love is unconditional.
God will always make a way back for you.
He is always for you.
Your relationship with God is personal.
God doesn't make bad things happen to you, but he can bring something good to your life.
Guilt and shame are NOT from God.
You can talk to God, he's a homie too.
He's like your best friend that's always there for you.

About YL...
It's more of a thing for people who aren't sure about there faith than everyone who does.
Everyone's in-- Jesus love is for everyone.
Everyone here has good intentions.
We aren't cliquey, we're not some perfect group.
It's an experience. You've just got to go.
It's, "How have you been?" not, "Where have you been?" if you've been gone.
You're not judged here.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"Most people in here know there is hell... thank goodness. It's for all the bad people, the wicked."

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