Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"I wanna go somewhere with tater tots. Ooooh, somewhere that will put cheese on top of them."

Birthday celebrations are the greatest-- whether they're for you or someone else. We took the Wilderness gang down the street to the Myer's house to surprise Johnna at her door with a box of birthday notes. Mal and Morgan already did a phenomenal job of decorating the kitchen. We got to start the day with sprinkles, laughter and multiple hugs from Johnna (the best hugs around). I'm so thankful for this woman who has become a dear friend, confidant and role model in the last year.

I stayed after school again for round 2 of Camp T interviews...
- we had cupcakes to celebrate Mrs. Kennedy's birthday!
- Rachel and Kip, alumni counselors, came to check in the candidates before they interviewed and gave each one an inspirational quote
- we interviewed 29 potential counselors and got that much closer to figuring out our new group

I made it over to Grace church just in time for the start of their teen worship night. They invited every Fisher's youth group, Cru, Campus Life and Young Life to join with them tonight. We prayed together three times, in three different ways, and it was powerful. I'd love to figure out how to do this with CILTs or YL kids this summer at camp.

1. Strategic Prayer-- corporate prayer about big things going on right now
2. Intercessory Prayer-- standing in the gap and asking God to show up in the life of someone else
3. Ministering Prayer -- students went to one of the youth leaders on the prayer team with their prayer request written on a note card and then we got to pray over them and with them

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