Sunday, May 21, 2017

"We went to a garage sale today and all the clothes smelled like you. I bought a few things just because of that."

At the end of each week of Tecumseh, we talk about the Sagamore Creed. It challenges campers and staff to not be content with how we are, but to always strive to become more like the Sagamore and to improve in areas of initiative, friendship, responsiblity, trust, faith and joy. Recently, Camp T released these Sagamore Creed inspired posts on Instagram. I'm obsessed and would like to have each one as a poster in every cabin. 

This was a Chicago weekend of epic wedding proportions...

Road trip to Chicago
Friday rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Justin's cousin Natalie and her soon to be husband Mike
Meeting allll of the family members
Saturday morning donut adventure

Brunch at Le Pain aka Cafe Patachou's Chicago cousin

Walking in the rain down Michigan Avenue
Meeting up with the one and only Maggie Shadid

Hanging with Justin's Grandma Frances and showing her old family video footage

Wedding at Holy Name Cathedral in the late afternoon
Meeting up with Emily and Kara
Justin reading from the Book of Tobit and 1 Corinthians (and then getting so many compliments for how well he read the rest of the weekend)

Wedding reception at the Knickerbocker-- note the illuminated dance floor

The fanciest place settings that you ever did see-- four courses and four forks
Father of the bride toast that made everyone cry and a best man speech that concluded with a gigantic $100 check for the happy couple

Sunday morning brunch with the family
Walking Lakeshore Drive all the way to Maggie Daly Park and the Bean

Tom's surprise birthday dinner in Lafayette and hanging with Tecumseh friends

Did you know it's the last week of school before summer break?! There is so much to anticipate in the next 7 days.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"Seriously-- that's like getting a face tattoo. You're basically just giving up."

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  1. You are so beautiful! Gosh, that Justin is a lucky guy. I hope it was so much fun!