Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Holy shampoodles I love that."

One of my all time favorite Junior High traditions-- the dodgeball tournaments. Teams of 3 girls and 3 guys draft a teacher to be their team captain. The entrance fee to the competition goes to Riley Hospital. Teams come up with names and uniforms.

Everyone stays after school for the tournament and I love how pumped all the kids and teachers are about winning. Dodgeball is serious business.

This year I was recruited to be on the Sassy 7 with Emily, Audrey, Mary, Erik, Blaine and Nolan. They played smart and we made it to the Final 4 of the bracket. We'll be back again next year. 

Cassidy and I knew we were going to hang out tonight but weren't quite sure what that would entail. I suddenly had some inspiration that we needed to go strawberry picking! After a quick google search we found Spencer Farm in Noblesville and were delighted to find they're open till 7.

They gave us a box, sent us down our own row, told us to start picking at the flag and then put the flag back in the ground when we stopped. You guys-- these strawberries are easily the best strawberries I've eaten in my entire life. You need to go pick some ASAP before the season is over (it only lasts 2-4 weeks).

They weighed our strawberries and then we went inside the little store to pay for what we had picked. Little did we know they also had ice-cream inside and it was SO GOOD. Cass and I sat in rocking chairs on the porch while we ate and chatted with the woman watering the flowers. These strawberries are so good that other orchards come buy these to resell in their stores.

I've got 7 more days of summer till I start at Tecumseh. The plan is to cram in as many summer adventures as possible until then.

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