Monday, May 15, 2017

"When you surround yourself with healthy women who are humble and confident, who genuinely speak truth in love, women are the greatest source of comfort and security."

We've only got one more Monday together-- we think we need to go out with a bang next week-- perhaps some donuts, or bagels or fireworks? This crew makes life so much more fun in the Clubhouse.

Track season is almost over for my kids but I made it to one of their last meets tonight to cheer for the gal pals. (Don't you think a rainbow of shoes on the start line is like the friendship bracelet of running?)

Joey Tharp, the King, walked into leadership with a bag of Dilly Bars to share. I got to do some rock stacking (my FAVORITE) and introduce Rachel and Rachel to the art.  

Erin King showed up with a Jimmy John's sandwich for me cause she's a lifesaver, Maddie came for her very first Campaigners and Meric is always a rock star.

Our Campaigners crew took to the woods, sharing our highs and lows on the way up the hill. We talked about priorities tonight--
How do we want to pursue Christ this summer? 
Who do we need to work on our relationship with? 
Who can we love better without expecting anything in return? 
What would be a positive use of our time this summer?

We walked with a partner on the way back down the other side of the hill and it was exactly what we all needed. Heart to heart conversations never disappoint.

I'm so happy that Rachel is home from college, that we've still got two weeks with Erin and that Cassidy will keep living the dream with me for another year. These three do life and friendships so well.

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