Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"She's all gas, no brakes, with her friends." Summer Mystery Day 2017

For the second year in a row, Haleigh and I teamed up to take two car loads of girls on a mystery trip. The 8 of them had no idea where we were going all day long... little did they know how much fun we were about to have.

Every time we get in the car we tell them who they're with--eventually they ride with every combination of girls and both Haleigh and I. In my car they each got to pick a bracelet from the summer stockpile too. 

Stop #1- The Dancing Donut

Stop #2- Monon Trail Painted Walls

Stop #3- Hickory Ridge Fire Tower

I've been wanting to come here all year. Dreams come true.

Stop #4- BuffaLouie's in Bloomington

Stop #5- IU's Sample Gates and the t-shirt store down the street where we all got new summer tanks

Stop #6- Holliday Park

 Stop #7- Jockamo Pizza in Irvington

Stop #8- Wyliepallooza Ice Cream Emporium

Stop #9- Victory Field, Indianapolis Indian's Game

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