Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flying chunks of Neapolitan

I gave myself permission to not blog on Wednesday but I had to tell you that Eshan and Audrey came to visit me at school and bring lunch. It's one of my favorite things when people get to come see my classroom, meet a few students and experience this world for a little while. It's crazy that just a few months ago I didn't even know these girls. They're both freshmen at Butler and new leaders on our Young Life team. They're heading back home after finals this week and they'll be very missed. The faith of both of these girls inspire me and their hearts are such beautiful examples of Christ's love and joy. Perhaps that sounds a tad bit cheesy, but it's totally true.

After school today our entire staff broke out our hard hats, we literally all have our own hard hats, and drove out to the site of our new Junior High. We're in the midst of a major transition, packing up our classrooms and anticipating starting fresh in this building next year. I got to see my new room for the first time this afternoon and I'm so excited. I love my giant windows, can't wait to fill all the shelves and closets and those walls are just screaming to be covered with the signs and art my present classroom holds. It's going to be a time crunch to get all moved in before school begins since I work at Camp right up until the first day, but we'll get that figured out somehow. I've got faith that the friendship bracelet club girls are also excellent movers.

I have a lot of days when there is in-between time. I come from school and have an hour or so before I have to go to leadership or club or Wyld life. In-between time is spent in Starbucks or a bookstore or finding wifi so I can use my computer. I love when I get to spend the in-between time with people though so it was perfect when Alli texted to see if I could meet her for dinner today.

We tried BoomBozz Pizza for the first time and were very impressed. I got the predictable pepperoni and tomato--perfection. Alli bravely tried the Food Network featured pizza--marinated chicken, onions and potatoes. Who would have thought, even I like it. The only downside of BoomBozz? They have Pepsi products.

Tonight was the annual Wyld Life ice-cream war. The children dream of this event all year, they anticipate the flying chunks of chocolate and Neapolitan whizzing through the air. It's better than Christmas, more exciting than their birthday and greater than the last day of school.

Everyone meets dressed in clothes that are ready to be wrecked. Tonight they showed up in droves, more than have been here since the jello war at the beginning of the year. There's just something about chucking food at your friends that must be attractive to the masses.

Before the main event we did some painting with our feet, bobbing for banana chunks in milk, drawing with condiments on a leader's back, rock-paper-scissors-squirt. Disgusting. The stench of ketchup in the air was overpowering.

We paused from the games to hear Grant's talk and broke up into small groups to talk. I love that kids know and love their leader, that they're engaged in these conversations and that the High Schoolers get the opportunity to grow in their faith by leading these kids.

Before long it was time for the ice-cream to fly. There is something uniquely beautiful about being invited to get messy and gross, to throw food in the air and not worry about getting in trouble for being dirty or impolite.

This was the last Wyld Life until we go to camp this summer. We sure went out with a bang. And Jenna promised, "We get to do this EVERY DAY at camp!" That's going to be a lot of ice-cream.

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