Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rule #67 Everyone should have a group of people that believes that their future should be better than their past

The days until the end of school are ticking down and I'm preparing for my summer migration to camp. But there is plenty to do before I leave my classroom and move back into my cabin.

Friday night I got to hang out at the Miller house with Sam and Grant's friends--I enjoyed having a lot of time to catch up on my favorite TV shows like New Girl, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Saturday morning I woke up early and drove to Fishers for my second year running the Geist 5K with Team Luke and HSJH kids. I love the crowds of people moving towards the start line and how this race has so many families and kids participating.

We started off in the front pack, music blasting as we crossed the start line. Our group broke off as we found our pace but we were surrounded by familiar faces the whole race. I was so excited at mile three to find the Wilson family cheering for me with a sign in front of their house.

The race finishes across another bridge over Geist and then a chute with "Jump On It" blaring. I love that I get to be a part of events like this--to cheer for the kids I know, talk with parents, meeting siblings, play in drum circles, and be part of something that's bigger than ourselves.

Late Saturday afternoon Allison came over to hang out and return my copy of Love Does that she borrowed and read this past week. This book is more contagious than the chicken pox. You'll love it. Allison and I won't see each other this summer but I love these little visits when she's home for a little bit.

Saturday night I got to hang out with Samantha and Megan-- dinner and shopping at Clay Terrace, investigating a mysterious clubhouse and facebook stalking. I've loved getting to know these two better this year and having them in Campaigners every week. It'll be strange to not see them so often pretty soon.

Sunday morning Samantha and I went to church at Grace, grabbed lunch with Grant and once we were back at home I packed up my stuff to move back to my own home. I got to reunite with Molls Sunday night for lists and Mellow Mushroom--two of our very favorite things. Hanging out with Molls has been such a regular part of my life these past two years I can't really imagine what it will be like when she's away at school next year. I'm going to miss her a ton.

I got a copy of Firefly Lane to try to finish before camp begins because Maggie has been raving about it.

The rest of my night was spent on the Houghton's porch talking about how to rejoice in suffering with good friends. It's such a gift to have people like this all around, teaching me more about faith and redemption and how we're called to live.

Choose patience. Choose joy. Choose love.

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