Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There is nothing quite like a middle school choir concert

I have become an avid supporter of the arts at Sycamore School because they have a small crew of Camp Tecumseh kids that I love to cheer on. They file on stage and I can see Olivia scanning the crowd, squinting through the bright lights to try to spot me in the crowd, hoping I'm there. The moment when she spots me, her face lights up and she waves excitedly totally makes the trip worth it.

I picked Oksana, Kaya, Courtney and Olivia out of the crowd and watched them the whole show. They are rock stars. Olivia not only sang in the 7th grade choir but also performed the Wicked song Popular with her friend Katherine and played drums for the 7th and 8th grade performance of Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

The last couple songs was the "Glee Radio" portion of the concert when fifth through eighth grade sang Hey Soul Sister and Firework together. Watching them all singing together was awesome to say the least. My favorite part was that about half of the group was making up their own choreography as they sang and the other half stayed still, unsure what to do.

Afterwards I got to talk to all the camp girls; hear about Kaya's new cast and how Oksana can't wait for camp and Courtney is so excited for her stay over weekend and Olivia had to show me all of the art work, the snake and tarantula, and her group's movie trailer. They don't come until the end of camp so their countdown is a bit longer than mine, but they definitely aren't lacking in enthusiasm.

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