Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jessica's Daily Affirmation Style Thursday

I like getting Starbucks as a reward for waking up extra early.
I like when kids bring snacks in to share with FBC.
I like starting a new project.
I like eating lunch with 8th graders.
I like writing letters.

I like having fun kids in FBC.
I like playing Capture the Flag.
I like singing Hey Burrito and Bananas Unite with Rachel.
I like when the HS girls come to FBC.
I like when we sit in a circle and talk.
I like when the girls are so good at sharing that the food gets passed around the circle three times.
I like hearing about what they're going to do this summer.

I like talking to friends like Annie that are far away and getting to share her camp story.
I like picking out a bouquet of bright friendship bracelet string.
I like getting to live and hang out with Samantha Miller this week.
I like eating pizza for dinner.
I like skyping with Mags when she's being really funny and Bubba comes down to talk too.
I like that it's almost the weekend.
I like falling asleep right away.

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