Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take care of each other. -Robert Louis Stevenson

After school a crew of girls stayed after to help me pack my room. Our plan of attack? Just take everything down. In just over an hour every poster, picture, sign and decoration was off the wall and packed up. Now I've got to figure out how to stack the ten boxes on my scaffold without them falling over or caving in.

Tonight Emily, Rachel and Sara invited camp friends over for a little dinner party fiesta. I love that Mary, Molly, Coll and Paige are all back home from school. These women have become my best friends and some of my oldest friends and I'm so lucky we're all so close by.

I love that when we're all together we laugh a lot. That bending over, tears in your eyes kind of laugh. Through eating chips and quac and telling stories and playing fishbowl and just being together, they make me want to stay up way later than I should just because I want us to keep hanging out.

We played a special version of the Game of Things. Emily made the first round "Things Sarah Wright Loves" and everyone wrote down their answer. Then we took turns guessing who wrote what. We liked it so much we played a round for everyone.

Things Sarah and Rachel Love

Things Paige and Colleen Love

Things Molly and Mary Love

Things Sara and Emily Love

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