Sunday, May 27, 2012

"This is my life and I'm happy to be living it."

Here's the thing, I'm just too busy living life to spend a lot of time writing about it on the blog. Sometimes I better about balancing the two, but for now a series of highlights of the last few days will be just perfect.

We met early Friday morning at the Devoe's for the last bible study of the year. They boy group, girl group and all the parents gathered together with a special presentation. Jon Houghton shared the Timberwolf video and a bit about Young Life, and then Hannah and Riley, two Young Life seniors, shared about how much YL has impacted them since they were in middle school. More kids are now excited about going to camp this summer and our list is growing.

On Friday Erin and Julia, two 7th grade girls, surprised me with these shoes. I love the tie-dye shoes they made together so they created a special pair with Taylor Swift lyrics just for me. I can't wait to wear them on Monday.

The rest of the weekend I spent time...

driving to Camp Tecumseh for CILT counselor time with Colleen,

playing Fishbowl with a group of counselors that has arrived for early trainings,

copying hundreds of sheets of papers for the CILTs,

having a sleepover with Jamie Zurawski,

tracking down campers like Sarah in the crowd of Family Camp families,

copying more papers with Jamie and Morph,

changing Coaching Cards and schedules and plans for the CILTs of 2012,

making piles of papers, hole-punching and binder assembling with Colleen, Brad, Morph and Jamie,

having a counselor sing-a-long while we worked,

playing with the Pfanschmidt girls and Gleason children,

consuming a camp day amount of Diet Coke,

brainstorming for RFAJWD,

talking to Katrina about Love Does,

playing with kittens at the Elliott house,

playing 'Horses' and 'Sisters' with Sophia and Sarah,

being a monster that fights little boys,

learning to hold kittens gently,

having heart-to-hearts in the car,

going to see What to Expect with Molls,

sleeping in,

getting a fun surprise and working on finishing a few surprises,

reading Firefly Lane,

starting Friday Night Lights because I know Casey Dawson loves it so much,

and going to Common Ground at night.

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  1. love this. Playing house with Sophia and Sarah was the strangest game I've ever played, and being attack by the boys was fun but painful. Thank God for kids like Ollie who rescue you and tell the others to play nice. I really think those kittens were petrified of the kids..hince the fact they came out from under the couches only when they left the room. haha good times, good times.