Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Thanks so much for keeping me from eating dirt for breakfast."

In the past few days I have heard so many sad stories of things happening in the lives of people I'm connected too. I so often am at a loss for words of what to say, because there really are no words to make things better. I was watching a great video yesterday and one of the characters said, "The greater the struggle, the more gloriously God can shine through." I love that we are given that promise and that hope in Christ. He redeems the broken things and brings new life that is more beautiful than what we can imagine.

So I'm continually learning to figure out how to be with people in the hard times and to still look for the good in all circumstances.

My students wrote letters to one of their favorite teachers today and I got to deliver them to everyone's mailboxes. It's so cool that by having each student choose one person over thirty different teachers were picked--I work with so many incredible people.

We just finished our chapbooks, the final comp project of the year, and I'm in a grading frenzy to get them all back quickly. But this dedication, from a girl I would have expected to write something serious, made me laugh so hard and I almost spit out my coffee.

I'm reading Firefly Lane, per Maggie's suggestion, and am loving the story of Kate and Tully.

I got to have dinner with Alli, Niki and Molly tonight. It was probably one of the last times we'll get together this year since they're graduating and will move away after the summer. Hanging out with them the past two years has been one of my favorite things.

Tonight my school had an 8th grade end of the year celebration Luau. Oh my goodness, it's events like this that make me love Junior High; the few students brave enough to dance, the frantic signing of yearbooks, and the ever-present awkwardness that is Junior High. I love the kids of this class and have gotten to know many of them well in the past two years. It'll be so strange to not have them in our building next year.

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