Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nat and Mads

It was easy to spot Natalie and Maddy in the sea of kids when I picked them up from school; fun radiates off of them at a magnitude greater than most people I know. When I think of girls who are confident and joyful and bold this pair comes to mind. I first met them in the halls of Junior High and now know them as Tecumseh kids. I can't wait for Maddy to be a CILT in Session 1 and for Natalie to be a Torchebearer for her first time at camp.

The sun was so hot it felt like summer and we soaked up the air conditioning in Orange Leaf as we ate giant bowls of frozen yogurt and told stories and made lists about why we're excited for camp.

Maddy's List of Top 10 Things She's Excited For At Camp:
1. Seeing Jamie and Arielle
2. Lake time
3. Theme nights
4. Carrying a backpack
5. Overall week!!!!!!
6. Being Camp T famous
8. Flagpole
9. Being with adopted campers
10. FRIENDS!!!!!

Natalie's List of Top 10 Things She's Excited For At Camp:
1. Making new friends
3. Wearing overalls like non otha
4. Clinics
5. Chillin at da Lake
6. Seeing my babies Rachel and Eliza
7. Nike shorts and t-shirts
8. Camp cheers
9. Camp food
10. Campfires

Sarah's List of Top 10 Things I'm Excited For At Camp:
1. Living with Colleen, Jamie and Arielle
2. Staff training week bonding
3. Overalls all of week 2
4. Closing campfires
5. Devotions with over 30 girls in a circle on the floor of Choctaw
6. The creation of new CILT cheers
7. Visiting kids I really love in Lake Village
8. Dance parties with Kata and all the children
9. Being so excited to see friends every time I see them even if it's only been 30 minutes
10. Feeling so dang happy every single day

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