Monday, May 14, 2012

Things to be excited about today

I got shocked with a Science class making a giant circuit during 5th period.

I talked to Bob Goff, author of Love Does, on the phone and it was one of my favorite moments ever.

After two weeks we're back to a normal schedule of 45 minute classes and they flew by.

There was mail from Maddy Demeter and Melissa VanDahm when I got home.

I had time to just take a break and breath and relax when I got home from school.

Kaitlyn and I met for Noodles because the last two times we'd seen each other we're at camp and in Disney World and we figured we should hang out in our own town too.

Even though they were emails or quick phone calls I got to connect with so many of my best friends today.

I love the fifteen minutes before Campaigners officially begins and everyone just hangs out together talking or playing. We get excited every time someone new arrives.

With no one to play guitar we were going to skip over songs but the kids protested and we ended up signing acapella which went better than expected.

This was our second to last Campaigners before summer break, hard to believe the year has flown by. I love this time with these girls whether we're talking about that night's sheet or watching a video of the Harvard baseball team on YouTube or talking about the big transition coming up.

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