Friday, May 11, 2012

"I completely support all those ideas and everything that just came out of your mouth."

Today I needed to be a better teacher than I was yesterday. I was tired and frustrated and needed the weekend. Some days you have bad days, and then you have good ones-- and it's okay to have both. Hopefully more of them end up more good than bad. 

This morning I got to talk about God with a group of twenty 8th grade girls. I got to tell them more about how God is so madly in love with them. I don't want to ever take this time with them for granted.

I got to write with my students, cards for mothers and letters for future 7th graders, and then teach them how to play the game Family because sometimes when you've been in class for two hours you just really need to play a game.

There was a Powder Puff Football game after school today. Although the 7th graders scored in the very first play the 8th grade girls still finished victorious. During half time I got to compete in a broom ball obstacle course. Sabrina, the student I choose as my partner, and I hula-hooped, swept our egg blind-folded, bat-spinned, solved a word problem and sang the National Anthem to victory.

I thought I was going to go home after school and rest up for tomorrow but instead I ended up hanging out with Alli and Allison, two of my very favorite people. I love when friends from different parts of my life get to know each other.

Best parts of tonight- attacking Amanda at Bub's, sitting in the grass talking, being friendship bracelet nerds all night long, sharing loaded waffle fries and onion rings, listening to Some Nights several times because I'm obsessed, sitting in the car talking to Allison about Young Life and Love Does.

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