Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well if I'm being honest

After cheering for 35,000 people at the mini marathon, Molls and I drove up to meet Chrissy Crowe for lunch. She had just finished donating ten inches of her hair to Locks of Love. Don't you love her new haircut? I was so excited I was going to get to spend the rest of the weekend with her.

After lunch we went home to see the five runners that were all collapsed in our living room, looked through the mini pictures, watched the end of Footloose and attempted to teach Chrissy a new friendship bracelet.

Late in the afternoon Chrissy and I visited Molly Brunner at her new Carmel house. She had just returned from IU. These girls hadn't seen each other since last summer and I got to witness their reunion. The visit wasn't long enough but soon we'll be together every single day.

Chrissy and I had a progressive dinner and turned our indecisiveness into a strength. First we got an appetizer at Orange Leaf, we got a breakfast snack at Denny's and finished the night off with dessert at Huddles. Orange Leaf won the frozen yogurt contest and although Denny's was lacking in cleanliness we think it wins for character.

Our paper placemats were glued to the table by a film of smeared syrup and grease but they were still perfect for list making while we waited for our food. We made a very necessary stop at Dick's to check-out the new line of Nike shorts and we were in shock at how many cool new pairs there were. These things are never going out of style.

Sunday morning Chrissy and I attended St. Luke's United Methodist Church. First service we watched Darian, my mentee get baptized and confirmed. I've been meeting with her this year and it's so cool to see her go through this process. She had to hurry off to a soccer game right after church but Chrissy and I found seats in a different pew for second service. Then we watched Kaya, Chrissy's mentee, get baptized and confirmed. These girls are inspirational and watching them today made me think back to when I went through confirmation in the Delphi UMC.

I had plenty to write down during the two services today including:

bell choir... new CILT team building activity?
the greatest value in life is not to live for yourself, you'll always be disappointed
one promise we don't get is a challenge free life-- so how will you face your challenges?
I have a greater appreciation for how Common Ground allows and provides coffee as an act of hospitality
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13
we promise to increase their faith, confirm their hope and perfect them in love

Chrissy and I went to lunch with the entire Mernitz family at Petite Chou. It was fun to get to know all of them better and we even got crepes for dessert. We're excited for Kaya to be back at camp weeks 8 and 9 and we'll have to visit her lots up in Lake Village.

Chrissy and I spent more of the afternoon with Coll, no matter what we're doing we just really love getting to be together. I'm so thankful I got to spend an entire weekend with Chrissy, she is such a light of hope and joy. I love that she started as one of my campers, we became friends and we're lucky enough to share multiple summers together as counselors.

Tonight after some Grey's watching with Coll and Emel, I went to the Houghton's for Sunday night porch talk. Ky ran down the steps to give me a hug when I arrived and then told me all about playing soccer. Her favorite parts are her light blue uniform and that she gets to drink Gatorade when she's not on the field. She showed me her black and pink soccer shoes aka her high heels. They're pretty cool.

These organic Sunday night talks are a gathering of friends in Indy. Right now we all have connections to Young Life and Jon and Annie but really anyone is welcome. We gather to talk about the questions from the Common Ground sermon, eat things like tonight's fruit pizza and to hopefully grow closer together. Les Kes came tonight and Emily and I discovered that we're next door neighbors.

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