Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day! If you haven't my mom Beth, or Bethie as I call her most of the time, then you are missing out. She can sew circles around anyone, greet everyone like she's been counting down the minutes until their arrival, organize and plan and carry out Quilt Camps without breaking a sweat, get pumped about everything from a bag of M & Ms to a new page-turning book to a weekend with her daughters, and she takes care of Dad, Katie, Nick, baby Lincoln and I with never-ending love, patience, enthusiasm and grace. She's the best.

Even if it only lasts five minutes I love a reunion with dear friends. Grace McGill and Sarah Mooney came to camp to begin a week long LeaderShape conference  just as all the summer coordinators were leaving our training. Kata and I got to talk to them in the hall for just a few minutes before their first session began but it was totally worth. Some of my very favorite moments of being a counselor from 2006-2008 involve Grace and I'm so thankful that Sarah has gone from being my twin in Teton to a counselor right alongside me. I wish I could have stayed to hang out with them all week long.

I was at camp because this weekend was coordinator training, the kick start to summer camp. Everyone that will have a leadership position gathered together to talk about goals and plans and exciting camp kind of things. We're so psyched about it we're cheering on top of mini-vans. Don't you do that when you're excited?

I have three weeks of teaching and packing and living life here in Indy before a week of staff training and then the kids will roll into camp ready for the best week of their year.

One month from right now I will be standing by the benches at the back of opening campfire, singing Welcome to the Family and Let Me See Your Boogaloo beside rows of CILTs that I learned the names of just a few hours ago. We will have done swim checks and moved into the Longhouse, eaten baked ziti and squeezed together below Mt. Wood for the all village picture. The Tecumseh staff will finally have the campers they've been waiting for and whether it's our first week as a counselor or we've been around the Main Loop a few times we'll all be on the same team ready to live the dream together. I'll be thinking through a mental checklist to make sure we're ready for devotions and the CILT initiation and cabin matching later that night. And mostly I'll just be so insanely happy to be back at the place that is as close to heaven on earth as I can imagine. One month. It's so close.

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