Monday, May 21, 2012

Senior YL Girls

You know how some things just make sense? Like if you have a headache you should drink Diet Coke, in December you wear big scarves and in the summer you wear neon or overalls everyday, if good music is playing you should dance, handwritten letters are better than messages sent through technology. Simple stuff really. Another thing that has become a no-brainer is that on Monday nights I get to see all of these girls (plus a few more) at once at Campaigners. Everything just works really well when we stick to that schedule.

But tonight was the last Monday night I'll get to hang out with this group. I'm heading off to camp next week and they're graduating from Carmel in just a couple days. Come next Fall our lives are going to look a lot different. And on Monday nights I'm going to miss them. I'll miss the way they run to get "front row" seats during worship. I'll miss how they tackle me if it's been a couple days since we've seen each other. I'll miss having our highs and lows take a good ten to fifteen minutes every time. I'll miss how much they care about these conversations and learning more and going deeper. I'll miss their insights and their questions. I'll miss how Coop and Emily and Heather and Hannah and Mac and Hannah and Steph and Kayla each added something unique to this group.

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  1. and now im crying... haha i cant explain how much i love you.