Monday, December 23, 2013

Apple Milk- Skiing Day 1

For the second year the whole Wright family is going on a Christmas ski vacation. We packed up last night and drove to meet the boys and Katie at their house. Linc was at the door waiting for us and ready to play.

It only takes a couple hours to get to Crystal Mountain with a quick pit stop for Wesco popcorn mid-way. Our cabin wasn't ready yet so we went inside for lunch. Lincoln's favorite part was hitting the button to open the automatic door and then trying to pull or push them the opposite way. Lil Red was busy blowing bubbles and being cute while we ate.

Linc apparently has a new obsession with wearing Mom's glasses. Even if they're upside down he thinks he looks really cool. 

We love our new cabin this year and are so excited to spend the week here. It's the perfect size for all of us and we can spread out and just feel at home. I think the rest of the fam might try to stay here forever. Red opened up his first Christmas present, a set of farm books.

Lincoln's first present was a special Ha-Hooo cup (aka Santa Cup) for his Apple Milk (aka Chocolate Milk). 

Nick hit the slopes this afternoon and did some night skiing while the rest of stayed inside and relaxed. I'm pretty sure this was the least I've ever done in a day-- I didn't even work on a friendship bracelet. I got the CILT Reunion post up and played Sequence and 5 Crowns with the family. We cuddled Red and Linc got a bath before bed. It was a great first day on the mountain!

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