Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Miss Wright

At the end of each semester my students spend a day writing a letter to one of their favorite teachers. I get to deliver their letters to all of the other teachers in the school and I love how excited they get to read what their students have written about them. After five months together these kids can still surprise us with what they think and remember. I wanted to share some of the funny and interesting things some of my students wrote about me.

You have taught me that life is not all about you, but about how to make other people live a happier life. I've never met a teacher before who loves a camp and making those bracelets all the time.

You always start off my day with a nice warm smile.  This is one of my favorite writing topics because it is fun to write good things to someone because it makes you feel good about yourself. One of my favorite #awesometuesdays was when we made snowflakes because everyone was smiling and laughing. I think mine was the best one. Have an awesome rest of the year. (Kittens inspired by KITTENS!)

When I first met you I thought you were so peppy and fun and I was excited to be in your class. When I missed class for a few days I was most upset about missing Comp.

You haven't just taught me about writing, though. Another thing I am constantly looking forward to is Friday mornings when you meet my friends and I and teach us about God. You've helped me grow as a person, understand life better and establish a relationship with God.

I learned how to type faster and write better even though it is boring. You taught me to not be scared of the dark. Even though the dark is pretty scary you have to explore it sometimes. (I have no idea where that came from...) Thank you for being my teacher.

I can always count on you to come up with new and exciting things to do to make class more fun. You are amazing at friendship bracelets and I love all of your themed weekdays like #awesometuesdays and #nopantswednesday. I get that you want us to work hard and get ready for high school and college, but really, I would have so much less homework if you didn't assign as much.

You taught me that friendship is important and you should always include others. You taught me how to have fun and make the best out of everything. You taught me that life is worth living and that I can put fun and excitement into every day. I really enjoy going to Wyld Life and FBC with you. Thank you for being awesome.

You taught me that I can be a world changer and even the smallest things can change the world. You are such a cool teacher, because you are just like a kid, you are so fun and happy no matter what is going on. I'll never forget when you taught us to break dance at Wyld Life.

Even though I didn't like writing, we had so many fun topics that I started to like it. You've made school, FBC and Wyld Life so much fun. I love that you always smiles and don't let the bad things bring you down. I like how you have so many bracelets that you can't fit them all on your wrist. My mom really likes that you're my teacher even though she hasn't me you because she says you're a positive influence on me.

My favorite memory of class was obviously the ice cream party. I can still remember rushing down the hallway asking people for money so that we could get first place. We won and the day finally came when we got to eat all of those delicious cupcakes and the ice cream. Everyone was a sticky mess and hiked up on sugar.

You taught me to be myself completely. I don't have to wear something because it's the trend but because I like it. I don't want this year to end because I won't get to see your #nopantswednesday outfits.

Another memory I'll never forget is when I pulled my sweater over my head and though I looked like an Eskimo. I'll never forget that moment.

You always have a smile on your face so I never know if you're having a bad day. I really appreciate how you haven't missed one day and your class is never boring. I like that you call us "friends" instead of "kids" or "students" every day.

I don't want to leave your joyful classroom because it is so much fun. I love the bright colors, how you decorate every little wall and that there are Taylor Swift pictures everywhere.

Even though I though making CSB's were tedious and scanning for "be" verbs was the worst form of torture, your class is the one I looked forward to the most. I felt like there was a purpose for my writing. I've never been organized and I don't like public speaking, group activities or math, but when I saw your room and teachings I realized I wanted to be a teacher so badly. I'll never forget when I stepped into room 124 and thought, "Wow, I want to be just like her." The streamers, the colors-- everything was so...  me. Last but not least, you are like a big sister to everyone. You are so friendly and kind that I feel like I could walk up to you and spill out anything and you would just listen and understand. You have a gift.  Maybe together we can all make this crazy mixed up world a better place.

I'll never forget when you played Max's viola during first period. You always do funny things like that during class. You are the most energetic teacher I have ever met, besides the P.E. teachers.

I will never forget the last day of the library fundraiser and you had just counted our donations. you called Mrs. Gundrum to see how much of a lead the other class had and it turned out we were eight dollars behind. Our whole class went wild and we went on a search for money. Finally, we found just enough to win.

I was always looking forward to sixth period from the moment I woke up, all because of you. "I'm not in a party, I am a party, and everywhere I go is a Party, " said Kid President. This is you. You are a party. You make people smile and you are never frowning. Except for when people forget their homework of course. I hope you keep making people's lives great and I will never, ever forget you.

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