Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"What'd you think--I was living in a hole in your basement for 10 years?"- ski trip day 3

Merry Christmas from the Mountain! I woke up to Lincoln saying, "Rarah! Rarah! Rarah!" and we went downstairs to our stockings.

In case you couldn't tell from all of my pictures, our family usually looks like this these days. There is always someone, or a couple people, ready to take a picture of whatever cute thing Lincoln or Redford is currently doing.

This Christmas Lincoln could really open his own presents, and everyone else's. When he came down this morning he kept yelling that he wanted a candy cane. We snuck a mint into the top of his stocking and he was very elated with that.

He gave his new Santa Pez a kiss, not so sure about the candy inside just yet.

One of Katie's best gifts are these picture calenders she has gotten in the habit of making every year. They're filled with pictures and memories from the previous year and we get to see our pictures all year long.

Redford got to try on his new "Cool like Daddy" penguin onesie that Linc kept calling "Happy Feet! Happy Feet!" While getting ready for breakfast Lincoln hopped right up into the fridge and picked out our yogurt.

 Lincoln was pretty unaware of all of the other presents, totally content with the things he got in his stocking.

We all ate breakfast together, watched a little bit of the Christmas parade, opened his new warm Eskimo hat and played with his new watch.

After yesterday's warm up, today was Lincoln's big ski day. We took him back to the bunny hill for a couple runs before lunch. Nick would get him going and then he'd try to ski to me and get my pole. That boy could stand up and ski for a good fifteen yards before falling over from being tired. It was sweet.

After lunch we teamed up with Katie and took Linc on one big trip up the ski lift. Nick held on tight and Linc LOVED looking down at all of the people on the mountain.

Nick squatted and held onto Linc between his legs as they skied down the hill. Katie and I swooped around them and could hear Linc yelling and laughing the whole way. He loved it and would have gone again but we decided one run was good.

Redford held down the fort back at home and kept dribbling and being all cute. He'll probs be hitting the slopes with us next year.

Lincoln's coolest present of the day was a Melissa and Doug house with keys and doorbells. Four different keys are tied onto the house and they match up with one of the doors. There are little dolls that can live in the house too. Each side of the house has a different doorbell noise. Usually Linc gets tired of a toy in a few minutes but he stuck with this house all night.

Linc lost his shirt for our lasagna dinner but his hair was still looking pretty fly after his nap. He calls himself Neenee so we decided his rapper name some day could be Lil Neenee.

We played with new toys and played with Linc and Red before bedtime tonight. There is always book reading in this house and lots of giggling.

Nick, Katie and I went out to night ski in the snow. The slopes were definitely less busy than they are during the day and we went to all of our familiar runs. Our shins are getting sore from our ski boots but we've got a couple days left in us.

Today we're so thankful for the birth of Jesus, for our health, for our friends and family and so many blessings. We hope that all of you had a wonderful day too.

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