Friday, December 27, 2013

Ski trip days 4 and 5

Lincoln had one more big present to open on the day after Christmas from grandma and grandpa. He got a new iPad! He was so excited as he peeled back the wrapping paper. Linc loves Katie and Nick's computers but can't really play on them. On his iPad he's already playing with puzzles and watching Curious George.

Lil Red is the most content little guy ever. He loves sitting in the jump-a-roo or on the couch or being held. He's full of little smiles and giggles. We love this guy.

We had one more big afternoon in the woods skiing all of our favorite runs. When Katie and I tried a new path through the woods we ended up getting pretty lost. Don't worry, we laughed most of the time and had to take off our skis to hike out to the next hill. Goodness, blazing trails is not our strength. We found our way back to the lift and met up with Nick who had been looking everywhere for us. Skiing all week has been so much fun and I can't wait till our next adventure.

I've loved getting to be with my family this week and sharing our little house. Linc and Red are so special to me and I love getting to play with them and seeing them grow up. They're my two favorite guys.

I'm so thankful for this family and know that I'm incredibly lucky to have them. This trip has been such a special part of Christmas break. Can't wait till the next time I get to see them all!

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