Thursday, December 19, 2013

"I WANT TO BREATHE FIRE. But excitement fire. Like wooooo yay reunion let me light this candle with my excitement."

Thursday was mix-match day at school. I saw a group of 8th grade girls before first period and Mallory said, "Uh... Miss Wright. Are you, um, dressing up for the theme today?" I laughed and told her of course. She said, "Oh, ok good. I didn't want to be rude." I think I'm ok with the fact that these kids think I'd ordinarily wear camo, tie dye, a jeweled necklace and mix matched socks. Taylor was looking stylish as well with her sweater and running shorts that afternoon. I sure will miss having her in class next semester.

Part of our Holiday Spirit Week was a hat decorating contest between all of the teachers. I braided together chunks of extra string from finished bracelets and hot glued it around the whole thing. Then I glued on pictures of all of my favorite things and people. Office aids came every period to judge the hats and I ended up winning the Most Creative category.

The FBC met for the last time of the semester. We played a game of unscrambling puzzles and then watched the CILT Reunion movie while we worked on bracelets. I'm just so excited for this weekend that I almost can't handle it and knew these girls would love a glimpse of camp counselor Miss Wright. They asked questions the whole time about what we were doing and now they want to go to camp.

I got to meet Irene, Molly and Alli for dinner at Pizzology. They're all home from school for break and I love that we live so close. These girls are such rock stars. I headed home to pack for the reunion and my family ski trip next week while I watched the Survivor finale. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the last day of the semester.

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