Tuesday, December 10, 2013

They can't stop us from making our lives good.

There are man eating sharks in every ocean, but we still swim.

Every second, somewhere in the world, lighting strikes, but we still play in the rain.

Poisonous snakes can be found in 49 of the 50 states, but we still go looking for adventure.

A car can crash, a house can crumble, but we still drive and love coming home.

Because I think deep down we know, all the bad things that can happen in life, they can't stop us from making our lives good.

All State Good Life Anthem This commercial is awesome.

After months of anticipation and hoping, Ryan got a friendship bracelet from me in his Love Tank last night at Campaigners. He texted me as soon as he found out and was soon on a roll. His texts and tweets blew up my phone:

-Thank you. Seriously. The friendship bracelet... what?!?!?
-You realize your FBs are works of art, yes? Like, I know you're humble and all, but this thing looks like an Amish grandmother spent years on it.
-Not just any Amish grandmother. This one makes the cheese they sell at Grandpa's Cheese Barn on I-70 in Ohio that Lauren and I always go to. You must come sometime. 
- @sarmwright is to #friendshipbracelets what Winnie the Pooh is to not wearing pants. Only they can do what they do as amazingly as they do it.
-And those braids! Oh my, those braids.
- The camera on my phone cannot capture the aesthetic glory that is the aforementioned friendship bracelet. I think @sarmwright used a loom.
-You are the Owl City circa 2009 of friendship bracelets.
- @sarmwright FACT: #Nessie would reveal herself to the world in exchange for a Sarah Wright friendship bracelet.
-Rumplestiltskin wants to know where you buy your thread.

My students spent the past week writing Super Hero stories in which they created their own protagonist and antagonist. Two of them I just had to share a little bit of with all of you.

Story 1
Miss Wright aka the Friendship Bracelet Queen started freaking out when the Headband King told her that Mr. Beesly was in a chair dangling over a tank of angry great white sharks. He also explained that he had Taylor Swift too and she was being lowered over the tank.

Story 2
Sarah walked over to her car and opened the trunk. Inside she found her disguise-- overalls, a tye-dye shirt, Kid President arrows, magic friendship bracelets and a skin tone mask made to fit her face so no one would know who she was...
(The characters meet)
"Smoon the Cat," Sarah whispered under her breath. She looked into the doorway of the bank, and found herself face to face with her ex-best friend Sarah  Mooney, or Smoon the Cat.Panic filled Tecumseh Girl's brain as a loud shriek came from the East end of the bank...
(Skip to chapter 2) 
Tecumseh girl used her super power of Happiness to wake all of the sleeping people. Scott woke up slowly and nodded his head upward as if to show Tecumseh Girl something. Familiar faces looked down at her and she thought, "It's the CILTs!" Just then, a cat came into view. Smoon the Cat. "I see you've found your CILTs and Scott," the cat cooed, "I'll give you a choice. You can choose one of them to save."
The phone rang from a line downstairs and the Cat pitter-pattered out of the room. Then Sarah broke the window and grabbed a piece of shattered glass. She cut the duct tape from the bodies of the CILTs and told them to land on their feet. She untied Scott and used Kid President arrows to make them all positive. She found a rusty old ladder that led from the window to the ground and send everyone quiet down to escape. Just when Sarah was about to go she received a blow to the head with a crow bar. The last words she head from the Cat were, "You will never win."
(Skip to the final showdown)
Smoon the Cat changed back into Sarah Mooney and stepped closer to Sarah Wright. She circled around her as if in a wrestling match. Wright squinted and so did Mooney. It was a show down on the roof top. Wright shot an hour that narrowly missed Mooney's leg. Mooney morphed back into her cat form and lunged at Wright. Wright held a long magic friendship bracelet behind her back, waiting to for the right moment to tie it around Smoon the Cat's neck. Wright made a last minute decision to fling happy powder on Smoon the Cat instead. Immediately Smoon the Cat changed back into a human, Sarah Mooney. it was like Mooney's heart grew 3 sizes and her soul was swept clean.
"Sarah?" Mooney said.
"Sarah!" Wright exclaimed.
They embraced each other and smiled as Scott and the CILTs came running across the roof.

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  1. dying of laughter from the story about you & Sar. I love it.