Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"She gets motion sickness from treadmills. It's like she's allergic to them."

Here's the thing, summer is absolutely, without argument, my favorite season. If I could figure out a way to live in summer all year long I would do it in a second. But as much as I love Tecumseh, running shorts and party tanks, Young Life camp, cabin groups and playing all day long, I'm also a huge fan of December. I love when people gather together to celebrate friendships and remember the past year.
Last week our Young Life committee, their families and all of the leaders gathered for a Christmas Party. Those people are the heart and soul of YL in HSE, they're the ones who give their support, time and energy to make it all possible. We couldn't do all of this without one another. So we gathered to eat tacos and tell old stories and trade presents and just be together.
This week at school we're dressing up everyday for a Riley Spirit Week. It's the last week before Christmas Break and it's going to be a fun one even if we're taking tests and finalizing grades. Yesterday Kocher and I were YL spirit jersey twins with a bunch of our girls and today I wore one of my Hope sweatshirts for college day. My outfits will get a bit more ridiculous as the week goes on...
Tonight I met Hannah Blachly, one of my favorite people and fellow YL leader, for dinner before going to the Junior High choir concert. Our school has an incredible arts program and I always look forward to this show. The gym was so packed that we had to sit in the side behind the risers-- we could hear the kids but couldn't really see it all.

It was still sweet though because Maddy Wilson, a Wyld Life leader, came to watch with us and Alli Sams came over to our side to sit with us. Some of my favorite 8th grade boys were there to watch their choir friends and they were in the row right behind us. We may have not had the best view but we were definitely the party side.

Afterwards Hannah and I walked through the crowd to say hi to different kids and their families. It's so fun to see them in this venue and to be able to tell them they did an awesome job with the choreography or on their solo. Our kids are so talented. I love the HSJH.

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