Thursday, December 5, 2013

"That's not a friendship bracelet Miss Wright, that's a Sydney bracelet."

Highs of the Day:
-meeting these awesome girls at 6:30 this morning to talk about the next chapters of Love Does
-figuring out we're up to 87 CILTs signed up for the reunion in just over two weeks
-hearing my student's stories about summer memories and traditions

-having Gavin and Sam, two 7th grade boys, sit on stage with me during C lunch
-seeing so many girls wear their new Young Life spirit jerseys to school today
-playing Airport Waiting Game, Spot It and Sporkle with FBC because the games are "the best part of Julia's life"
-starting to make bracelets that we'll eventually sell and donate to the International Justice Mission to help with their fight against human slavery and sex trafficking

-laughing with my FBC girls and feeling so lucky to get to be a teacher here
-meeting Emily Glanders for dinner tonight and then showing her my school and watching the 8th grade basketball game
-skyping with Mags for way too long because once you start talking to her you just don't want to stop


Top 10 Things I'm So Excited About
1. We might have a two hour delay tomorrow morning.
2. This weekend I get to play at Quilt Camp with my mom, Alli Sams and Julia. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions.
3. I'm also going to get to see Jamie Z, Molly and Maggie, Kathryn and Sophie, Chachi and Grace. Holy cow my heart might not be able to handle all of that love.
4. The CILT reunion is only two weeks away.
5. We're doing Love Tanks at Campaigners on Monday night.
6. We have a Wyld Life Jersey Club next week and we're announcing the Wyld Life camp trip.
7. Next weekend I get to help with the Cookie Sweatshop with Emel and Colleen.
8. We're having a secret santa craft exchange with both of my groups of 7th grade girls.
9. I get to see Liz Koch and Alicia next weekend!
10. My family is going skiing in MI over Christmas Break.

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