Monday, December 2, 2013

We're going back to Sharp Top #bestweekofyourlife

When our leadership team talked about how to announce next summer's camp trip, Kocher had a brilliant idea. She proposed that we have an amazing race all over Fishers in which kids would collect clues and puzzle pieces that would eventually help them figure out our destination. She ran with the idea and organized the entire event. She's a rock star.
The kids gathered at the Yacht Club, excited but clueless about what was about to happen. Ryan and Kocher stayed to split up the kids into teams while the rest of us went out to the different stops on the race route.

I was at pit stop #1 and it didn't take long before droves of kids arrived, all spilling out of cars and stampeding up to the garage. One person from each team had to put on a shower cap, poncho and blindfold. Then they blindly reached into the bucket and smashed eggs on their head until they found one that was hard boiled.

Kaelyn was lucky and found a hard boiled egg on the first try. I watched two boys smash at least twenty eggs on their heads before finding a good one. Yolk was actually flying through the air and the rest of the teammates were jumping out of the way to avoid getting splashed by the eggs.

Then I crossed town to the Dewolf's house to help run the last station. Here the kids had to taste six different flavors of baby food and correctly identify them all. By the looks on the kids faces you could tell the food was more gross than what they were expecting. Who would've though peaches, carrots and squash would be the most difficult to identify?

The last clue directed everyone back to the Yacht Club to assemble their puzzles and discover the location of our camp trip this summer. Most of the teams were already there when I got back and telling stories of the race. At other stops they did some human bowling, made fleece blankets for a local charity and measured distances to YL camps around the United States. Kocher's idea was definitely a success.

Once everyone had returned we gathered to watch the video from last summer's Sharp Top trip. Seeing KoKo and JoJo at Club, the Yellow team dominating pool Olympics, our friends going down the slide and off the blob and the view of Sharp top just made me want to go back tomorrow. I'm so excited that we're going back there again.

Our Freshmen are pumped about going to camp for the first time ever or going to a place they've never been before. Genna was so excited she started running laps around the room screaming, "I LOVE CAMP!"

We took over 60 kids last summer and they are so excited to go back too. They started instagramming throwback pictures right away, like Kate who got to celebrate her birthday there. We gave kids info about the trip as they walked out the door and told them they could start signing up online right away. "I'll give a friendship bracelet to the first person signed up!" I yelled. I can't wait to see who will come with us this year.

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