Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"I though I was going to eat so much, but I only ate three ice cream cones and four cupcakes."

A few weeks ago my 6th period class won the library fundraiser to buy new books. This afternoon we got our prize-- an all you can eat ice-cream and cupcake party! Mrs. Gundrum set up a huge smorgasbord at the front of the room with tons of toppings in addition to the food. My kids were all bouncing off the walls with excitement before they even started eating.

This might be one of the best #awesometuesdays ever-- no school work, listening to Justin Bieber Christmas music, eating unlimited amounts of sugar and hanging out with really fun people.

After we finished off all the ice-cream and cupcakes we could handle, I commissioned all my kids to help me out with a little project. When the FBC sweatshirts come in next week I have to put 26 of them back in the mail. I'd already addressed all the envelopes but I got my students to color all of them. If you're one of the people who will be getting yours in the mail you should be very excited to see their artwork.

After school I FLIPPED OUT because the Young Life Spirit Jerseys HAVE ARRIVED! Dreams come true. I could barely wait to put mine one. I got them all sorted, folded and labeled and will be delivering them to the recipients in the next week. A few Young Life girls don't know their parents ordered one so they will have a nice surprise under their tree on Christmas morning.

I drove Julia to dinner and she put her Young Life shirt on right away too. We're obsessed. Obsessed with Young Life. Obsessed with each other. Obsessed with these shirts.

KCraig, her kids and I met a whole table of freshmen girls for dinner. We know Kaitlyn, Genna, Alli Sams, Anne and Julia really well and I'm loving getting to know Kara better. We're all so excited for Winter Weekend at Timberwolf, going to Sharp Top this summer and love tanks at Campaigners next week. Freshmen girls are crazy but we love them more than they know and value this time together.

In two different circumstances today I was reminded of ideas that I think are so, so important in life. First, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle," and second that we need to, "Take care of each other."  We need people in our corner who are there for us, who will remind us of the truth, and who will stand up for us even when we don't ask them too. Praying for both of these friends that they know they are so lovable and capable and nothing will ever change that.

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