Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"I can't wait for English Comp tomorrow-- I love school."

Children have been asking, "When do I get my FBC sweatshirt?" in the hallway for days and I've been anxiously awaiting to know the answer to that question. When I walked into the front office and saw six giant boxes stacked up I actually started doing a little jumpy dance I was so pumped.

Megan, Hannah and Chloe stayed after school to help me with the sweatshirts--it's quite the process. We have to fold and roll all 223 sweatshirts. Then 26 of them got stuffed into envelopes to be mailed. 115 of them were sorted between my Young Life, CILT and other friends. The rest were put back in boxes, hid behind the stage in the audeteria so they can be distributed to students at lunch tomorrow. SO many sweatshirts. We love them and are excited about how the FBC army will be matching on Friday.

Mom and Katie sent me these pictures of baby Lincoln and Lil Red today. How cute are these guys? Katie said Linc was walking around saying, "Pretty necklace!" I'm excited to get to play with all of them over Christmas break up in MI.

Tonight Sydney and her family hosted a Christmas party for our 7th grade bible study. We always meet at 6:30 in the morning but it was fun to hang out with these girls when they were wide awake and bursting with energy tonight. I'm so thankful that I got plugged in with this group right away and that I've already gotten to know them so well. As a Young Life leader I get excited about the potential of knowing these girls for the next five years and seeing them grow in so many different ways.

Sydney and her mom got us holiday cups to decorate with paint pens and we all got creative. The final projects were all different and really cool.

We ate so much pizza, played funny games, laughed a ton, talked over each other and then found seats in the movie theatre downstairs to watch Santa Clause 3. These girls are so fun and sweet, I really do love spending time with them.

The best part of the holiday season is that it's full of celebrations and parties and reunions like this. All of these times where we intentionally gather with friends and family are what make Christmas so special. Tonight I'm thankful for these crazy, beautiful, awesome kids.

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