Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"There's a little guy up there drawing pictures and putting them in the window"- ski day 2

 I slept in the latest this morning, which I'm sure will be a regular occurrence. Downstairs everyone was playing and eating breakfast. Mom, Dad and Katie took the little boys out on a walk this morning in their sleds that Nick made them. Linc decided pulling his was more fun than just riding in it.

 They picked up ski rentals for Katie and headed back to our house.

It's so nice that we can play outside in the snow then go inside to warm up again. We're going back and forth all day, just having fun. Red was laughing and giggling and having fun. Linc got to play in the jump-a-roo for a little bit.

Late this morning I finally decided it was time to hit the slopes. Katie and I got our skis and headed out to the slope. We haven't been out on the mountain since last Christmas but we were feeling level-2-kind-of-confident. 

We met the rest of the family for lunch in the lodge. Linc and Nick had just tried skiing on the bunny hill and we all couldn't wait to go see them in action. After cheeseburgers and sharing fries it was time to go back out to the slopes.

Linc finished drinking his apple milk and dipping his fries in the ketchup. All bundled back up, we shuffled onto the conveyor belt that pulled us up the hill.

We tried a couple different methods-- Nick holding Linc's arms then Linc holding on to ski poles. He's a champ and loved it already. He retired after a couple runs but he'll be back out again tomorrow.

Katie, Nick and I skied all over the mountain the rest of the afternoon trying different runs, dropping into the bowl, weaving through the woods and trying a couple jumps. We're a good ski team. The lifts closed at 5 today for Christmas Eve and we headed home for the rest of the night.

Lincoln got to open up a special Christmas present, a whole suitcase box of Curious George books! He LOVES George. We didn't get the lasagna cooking early enough so we had a pizza party for our Christmas Eve dinner. Nothing says Christmas quite like pepperoni pizza. 

A little Curious George with Grandma and then reading the Nativity Book with Dad before Lincoln's bed time. The rest of us will hang out and watch a movie before Santa comes tonight! Merry Christmas Eve everyone.

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