Friday, February 28, 2014

"Doesn't everyone eat bologna with a straw?"

We woke up early this morning to hang out at Sophie's house before school. These girls are so sweet and I love getting to hang out with them and talk about God's love. Audrey was excited to go to visit her brother at Clemson, Maggie and Elise were #flannelfriday twinning and all the girls were talking about bracelet patterns they want to make this weekend.

We ran upstairs to visit Trulock and KCraig before school actually started. It rocks getting to teach with coworkers like them who love our kids and are always up for being silly and crazy and climbing into recycling bins.

In a text this morning I challenged CILT girls to write lists of 100 Things They Loved. Then at school we watched Jessica's Daily Affirmations and wrote lists during our 10 Minute Write. My kids we're so focused as they wrote their lists, trying to think of more than 100. I was pumped when a couple CILT girls sent me pictures of the lists they made too.

Tonight the Fitzgerald house was hopping. Henry had Sean over for awhile to hang out. Audrey had neighbor Izzy spend the night and they started on a craft using pages from discarded library books. We' kind of got stuck in the construction phase of the project.

Audrey and I picked up Pizza Hut for everyone and Big Cookie ingredients from the grocery. I like having her as my sidekick this week.

Ellie invited her friends Grace, Kate and Ashley over to spend the night. They will all be Session 1 CILTs this summer and I can't wait to be one of their counselors in the Longhouse. We devoured a whole pan of hot, gooey Big Cookie together.

It was a low key night of list making and talking and snacking and laughing. I'm a fan of each of them and am so glad we got to spend some time together. They're definitely camp crazy and they kept talking about the snacks they want to bring, whether they'll pack in drawers or bins, which counselors they miss, other kids they know that are CILTing and how much they miss singing in the Green Cathedral and getting close during devotions. 99 days till campers arrive at Tecumseh. Not like we're counting down or anything...

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