Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"God made all of us from Adam and Eve right? So somehow we're all brothers and sisters. So we should be able to have sleepovers on school nights because we're related."

Do you know what's even better than a snow delay? Waking up to a surprise delay because of fog. There's something magical about finding out that you can just go back to sleep for two more hours. 

Then after school it was brilliantly warm. People were throwing on their shorts and t-shirts, sidewalks were filled with runners and bikers and you just couldn't help but be happy. 

The day just kept getting better when we gathered at Mama Bear's for Wyld Life Campaigners tonight. Several our 8th graders were at an athletic meeting at the High School. But I got a fun group of 7th grade girls to come outside and play before we officially started. 

After we sang songs together at the beginning of Campaigners, we spread out to write letters to God. I've done that several times before, but this time KCraig added a twist. We asked each kid to write to God telling them who they think they were created to be. I loved having the chance to sit and think through what I was writing.

In small groups, KCraig and I led a circle of 7th graders together. We're talking about who God is, what that tells us about Jesus and what that means for us. In just over a semester these girls have grown so much in their faith and the way they engage in conversations about faith. I'm so excited for them to go to Wyld Life camp this summer and to keep learning more about who God made them to be.

Wyld Life is awesome. I wish every Junior High kid could be part of a group like this.

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