Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Odle and Wright for President and Vice President of Insta and the World!"

BIG NEWS! I'm officially going to be a Falcon next year. I've been 90% sure about this for awhile but today I had my interview with my new principal. Because of student population growth, our school is essentially being split between two buildings next year. That's difficult because coworkers are being split up, our 7th graders are being split up and a whole lot of things will change. It's exciting because it's a fresh start with a new building (well, old building, but new name), new culture and so much potential. After 6 years as an HSE Jr High Panther I will become a Fall Creek Jr High Falcon. Now I'll just have to find a moving crew to help me switch classrooms this summer.

One of the most precious parts of my interview was when the new principal told me she had an email from a mom who couldn't decided which school to send her daughter to next year. The mom was trying to figure out which school would offer Friendship Bracelet Club because her daughter enjoys it so much. PEOPLE WANT TO PICK A SCHOOL BASED ON FBC. OH MY I LOVE IT.

p.s. National FBC Day is just over a week away. Get your string ready for Thursday, March 26th people.

The highlight of my night was a dinner date with Cami, an 8th grade Wyld Life girl. I love that she loves getting together to talk about life, friends, school, camp, Spring Break and everything in between. We had a great talk on the way home about being excited for things. She told me that she's been trying to only worry about stuff that matters instead of getting caught up in drama or adding to negativity. "It's just not worth it."

In honor of Tecumseh Tuesday...

Top 10 Tecumseh Moments I Wish I Could Relive Right Now:
1. Having Chrissy Crowe as a CILT camper
2. CTXC Runs with Molly Brunner, Mary Brody, Margaret Connelly and Grace McGill
3. Teaching hip hop clinic with Krafty
4. Getting ready for a staff training chapel with a group of counselors when we mashed up The Stand and Give Me Faith
5. A one on one with Ellie Pearl after the rock devotion
6. The first performances of the Session 2 robot cheer with Beef, Shelby and Kaitlyn and then the dubstep cheer with Arielle, Colleen, Jamie and Morph
7. Session 3's stayover weekend in 2013
8. Being a Day Camp counselor when I lived with Colleen Drasga, Caitlyn Scales and Sarah Scott in Teton
9. The Jock Jams Friday night dance party that never ended because of a storm for Session 1 2013
10. When the Session 3 girls filmed, "What happens when counselors aren't around" in the Longhouse in 2011 while all the counselors watched them go insane

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